‘World Weather’ is an original weather forecast filler program for digital and broadcast channels based on earthTV‘s international city camera network presented with music soundtrack and weather forecast information or visuals as overlay design. 

Compared to earthTV’s ‘The World Live’ programs ‘World Weather’ is designed for more flexible use on file base.

Base version

Customized version (example)


‘World Weather’ programs feature in each program segment (usually with a total length of 90 seconds) multiple changing top city camera views (usually 7) from around the world preferably day-time weather. 

Each camera view is presented with location information in the customized overlay design of each Client including weather forecast for each featured city or any other major city in the world.

The weather data is inserted through earthTV’s own weather server, where the data provider of the Client can be added as priority source to ensure the data be the same as shown on other programs of the Client.

For most variety, the earthTV system will try not to repeat the same location in two following Program segments and try to avoid multiple cameras from the same country in the same Program Segment.

Specific cameras or regions of cameras can be programmed into the system to preferably open or close each program segment. Besides this, a specific camera order can not be ordered to allow the earthTV system to produce the best possible selection of cameras based on data.

The program comes with an opener and closer clip as well as with a music soundtrack from the popular Earthgrooves compilation. Both can also be provided by the Client.


The program segments do not show a live time and are delivered on filebase to allow the Client to broadcast the segments flexibly within the same hour or day.

As an alternative the program can also be delivered as scheduled live feed via earthTV HDSDI/HDMI Program Server from ‘The World Live‘ program.

Video Samples

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