Value Proposition

earthTV is a technology company from Germany, specialized in the production and distribution of outdoor camera programs for the professional publisher and broadcaster industry since 1985.

Camera Network

Continues live content in full broadcast quality from earthTV‘s international outdoor camera network.

Live Production

Program production around the clock with real-time location and weather data, visuals, soundtrack and sponsors.

Professional Delivery

Global content delivery through earthTV program servers as HD SDI live signal or file uploads.

Quality Promise

The earthTV brand stands for the best visual and creative camera quality from the best networks or cameras installed across 20 time-zones for day and night broadcasting all year around.

How to license

earthTV programs are offered as long-term licenses to professional publishers and broadcasters. Programs are delivered as continuously updated short program segments in the design and to the schedule of the licensee.

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Select your program

Select your program type as base

Select 'The World Live' live feed, up to date 'World Weather' clips, or timeless clips based on 'What A World!' programs.

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Customize your design

Provide or choose your overlay design

Provide or choose your program design, visuals, animations, data and language as dynamic overlay design and soundtrack.

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Choose your delivery

Choose your delivery method

Choose your delivery as scheduled HDSDI live signal via earthTV Program Servers, or file upload from EarthTV Platform in the cloud.

Program Samples

Browse some samples of earthTV programs from the past years for reference.

Program Types

All earthTV Programs are based on the three base types live, weather and editors-pick with unlimited flavors and customisation options.

About EarthTV

  • earthTV® (still under the name Earth Television Network - ETN) was founded and registered as an innovation project of Telcast Media Group to realise some of the first reality television projects of the broadcast industry in the 80’ and early 90’s.

    first reality television projects

  • ETN was officially launched as a separate business unit responsible to produce the first hourly live television filler program “World Live” (later also referred to as “The World Live”) for a group of the largest news broadcasters and news agencies from the USA and Europe at the time.

    first “World Live” program

  • Based on the “Earth View” patent (US Patent No.: US 6,738,422 B2), ETN was the first to transmit live-video signals in full television quality via the internet from all around the world to Germany.

    “Earth View” patent

  • ETN developed the first end-to-end online infrastructure for the consumer platform project For the first time television quality via the internet was made possible.

    television quality via the internet

  • Nikolaus and Claudius Lohmann bought with the company Stereo 3D Experts all assets of ETN from Telcast Media Group together with “The World Live” program and the platform. The brothers modernized all business operations under the new name earthTV network.

    new owner earthTV network

  • earthTV® released the first fully automated HD camera system. Shortly afterwards, enough automated HD cameras were installed to allow earthTV to broadcast the 100.000th episode of “The World Live” in full 1080p HD.

    “The World Live” in full 1080p HD

  • With additional capital provided by new shareholder Karl Rauch Verlag GmbH & Co. KG, the analog broadcasting center in Munich closed and the entire earthTV production system was moved to the cloud.

    moved into the cloud

  • The first earthTV® Platform with the working title “CMS v1” was released with a powerful API and customized online player system.

    first earthTV® Platform

  • earthTV® licensed the first on premises version of the earthTV Production System “EPS” to a third party for automated filler program production based on their own video content.

    Production System “EPS”

  • earthTV® was selected as a United Nations Affiliate Member by the UNWTO.

    UNWTO Affiliate Membership

  • earthTV® initiated the new “Silk Road Live” project as an umbrella program to install cameras along the key places of the UN Silk Road initiative as well as along the key places of the Belt and Road initiative of China.

    “Silk Road Live” project

  • earthTV network established ETN as a separate business unit dedicated to live camera-, infrastructure-, distribution- and services sales for the first time to third parties and released the all-new CMS v2 Platform.

    ETN again as a separate business unit

Program Cameras

earthTV includes up to 100 cameras from 25 countries, across 5 continents to all programs.