‘What A World!’’ is an original best-of filler program for digital and linear channels based on earthTV’s international city camera network presented with music soundtrack and location information. 

While all other earthTV programs are updated multiple times every day, ‘What A World!’ is only produced a few times every month, but can be used flexibly over the course of several days or weeks.

Base version

Customized version (example)


‘What A World!’ programs feature in each program segment (usually with a cumulated length of 169 seconds) multiple changing top city camera views (usually 13) from around the world showing beautiful views and special events from the past weeks.

Each camera view is presented with overlay information in the customized design of each Client including location information (city, country and where the view is from).

This program always included cameras from the full earthTV camera network worldwide. To guarantee the best possible quality and variety at any time of the year, limitations to specific cameras or selected location rundown can not be ordered by the Client.

The program comes with a music soundtrack from the popular Earthgrooves compilation, or song provided by the Client, as well as with an opener and closer clip.


The program segments are delivered on file base only and are uploaded to the file system/server of the Client or can be downloaded by the Client from the earthTV cloud.

Video Samples

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